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SINGAPipeline inspection; creeping robot Product application program

  AUrban underground pipeline inspectionAspects of application

★Program overview:

Urban underground pipeline is the lifeline of the city, and meridian, every year, state and local government will spend a lot of manpower and material resources for the underground pipeline detection, dredging and repair, but in practice, most of the inside of the pipe, can not be observed by artificial, or unable to enter, or because of the internal situation is too bad, in order to solve this problem, pipe crawling robot came into being.

★Project advantage:


1, managers will be more intuitive, timely understanding of the area of the pipeline in real-time.

Through the pipeline image to judge the distribution of the health of the pipeline in the area, clear the pathological conditions of various pipelines, and provide detailed and true basis for the macro decision-making.

Shown in blue bubble area as normal pipeline, red indicates the presence of pipeline internal defects, according to the distribution map, can focus on the maintenance of pipelines on the red area, the pipeline will not require blue frequency for maintenance, so as to save manpower and material resources.

You can view the details of the pipeline by clicking on the map in the bubble of video information, the video information from the Department of construction site acquisition, more intuitive and more cleaning, managers can according to the methods and ways of defect information inside the pipeline repair decision.

2, drainage work related staff can be more convenient access to work reports. (as shown in the following picture)


After the pipeline is completed, to detect the location coordinates, pipeline number, pipeline status information sent to the server storage within the pages of staff only need to according to the operation of the software can easily obtain statements. There is no need to describe complex engineering drawings. On the left shows the defects of pipeline report, change report can be generated automatically according to the set of conditions such as: to generate the specified sections of the report, or the pipeline to generate a time detection report. Convenient and quick.

3, the use of instrumentation to avoid artificial wells, to protect personal safety, to prevent accidents.

There are many poisonous gases in the drainage pipeline, such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and so on. Once people go down, there will be serious security risks, and there is no light in the pipeline, which will affect the result of the judgment. The instrument has a high brightness searchlight, wide angle, high-definition camera, the farthest detection distance of 120m, is the best choice for pipeline video detection.

Two, coal mine accident rescue, search and rescue applications

The coal mine production, often there will be accidents and explosion accident and accident rescue, the scene is different, often need to participate in a crawling robot, the robot's participation, can improve the speed of the rescue, to minimize the loss caused by gas explosion in coal mine for after high temperature, smoke, harmful gases and hypoxia. And there occurred two times of disaster may be underground in harsh environments, by the environmental detection and rescue robot to replace the rescue team into the disaster site, gas, carbon monoxide, oxygen, temperature, wind speed parameters, and life environment, images and other information collected and sent to the rescue command center, to provide reference information for decision-making of disaster relief

Three, customs inspection applications

The actual work in the customs inspection, the staff need to carefully check the bottom case clearance vehicles, and personnel to the end of direct examination is not realistic, if used to do the crawling robot will be easier and more convenient.

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