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Service brand

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1)Vision: providing the best service in the industry;


Based on the market - the disseminator of technological value【To maximize the application technology and performance of the company's products or systems at the customer's level, in line with the actual needs of customers】

Based on the company - the promoter of product improvement【Feedback the market performance information to the technical resource department of our company, and promote the improvement of the manufacturing quality, design quality and customer satisfaction】

3)Objective: to provide customers with the experience of convenience, importance, security, professionalism, thoughtfulness and trustworthy service;

4) Brand: 6A Services - the 6 critical moments that will be in touch with our customers, the highest level of service, that is, high quality services;

User experience service management


1)T1 convenient - 24 hours hotline, fax, mail, QQ, outlets, telephone and other channels to accept customer problems, the first question responsibility system;

2)T2 value - respond to customer within 1 hours, issue solution and plan with customer;

3)T3 security - network and service centers throughout China, within 24 hours, quickly arrived at the customer site, service fast protection;

4)、T4 major - 1, quickly solve on-site problems, professional customer response, strict processing flow; 2, for customers training, product application, maintenance, standardize operation knowledge;

5)T5 considerate - visit customers within 72 hours, care for customer's feelings, and ensure the normal use of products;

6)、T6 trust - issue professional analysis report on product problems, eliminate hidden trouble and provide service guarantee;

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