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  • fax: 0755-86007053
  • address:Guangdong city of Shenzhen Province, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Nanshan District Taoyuan Street Xili Tong Long industrial area with rich building 9 layer 1-3
  • 2017 04-26
    Deferred warranty service

    Customers can contact Schroder sales Commissioner, and under their guidance, send the defective products to Schroder maintenance center. The engineer will repair the defective products and send them back to the customer. 1, on-site service customers can call Schroder service hotline for on-site service, Schroder service engineers will contact the customer as soon as possible, and arrange for your nearest service engineer

  • 2017 04-26
    Complaint process

    1) customer feedback channels are: Hotline 4006088029, straight line, 0755-86028213, complaints, faxes, 0755-36603796, complaints, mailbox: 2) non quality problems, feedback, commitment

  • 2017 04-26
    Repair policy

    A warranty service, 1) limited warranty for all products and accessories for twelve months from the date of purchase, the purchase can be prolonged maintenance period, 2) effectively guarantee only applies to the initial purchasers of products; since the beginning of the customer repair site from the capital city 200 kilometers, arrived at the scene within 24 hours treatment from the provincial capital city of 2.

  • 2017 04-26
    Service brand

    1)Vision: providing the best service in the industry;2)Positioning: Based on the market - the disseminators of technological value【To maximize the application technology and performance of the company's products or systems at the customer's level, in line with the actual needs of customers】Based on the company - the promoter of product improvement【Feedback the market performance information to the company's technical resources】

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