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Schroder pipeline inspection robot helps Zhengzhou municipal underground pipe network investigation

source:Pipeline nondestructive testin 丨 author:Schroder

Crews are using robots to detect pipes. Insert wells for electronic periscope robot, 4 wheels with a searchlight is crawling robot.

Zhengzhou 129 km old pipeline to join the medical examination force. Yesterday evening, the relevant departments organized a special 3 kinds, 4 kinds of small robots, the professional inspection team composed of modernization and intelligence, to the old sick sewage pipe "gastroscopy", film.

In the robot army, a clairvoyant, also like the monkey like ears, belly to drill into the pipeline. They will diagnose the condition of the old pipeline in the old city by their own means and provide detailed information for the next pipeline maintenance.

[site] the robot dived into the sewage pipe to do a medical examination"

A rope tied to the head, a rope tied the tail, slowly crawling robot is placed into the sewage pipeline inspection, with the head rope up, a crawling robot light and HD camera began at night.

Yesterday evening, 10 am, Huashan road and Yi River Road intersection on the eastern side of the sidewalk, three different types of robots from different locations of the inspection wells drilled into the sewage pipeline, the pipeline "physical examination" work.

The most interesting aspect of the scene is the well operation of the crawling robot and the raft robot. The Municipal Department official said, the two robots are referred to as CCTV testing equipment, the robot is driven by four wheels move forward and backward, raft robot is plastic pipe lifts in the sewage pipeline using mobile buoyancy.

Two kinds of robot heads are equipped with 7 million pixel high-definition camera, equipped with high-intensity searchlights, can crawl within 150 meters of the sewage pipe. The robots are connected by cables, ground computers, displays, and analytical devices, which can be remotely operated on the ground by keyboard, mouse, touch screen and wireless devices, the investigators said. The camera can be low energy, can adjust the focal length, can detect the existence of internal pipeline landslides, damaged and blocked, not only that, but also analyze what kind of blockage and collapse, disease of piping up to several levels, need to carry out what kind of maintenance.

At the scene, the reporter noted that the pipeline equipment are also involved in the periscope detection of pipeline. The same is a 7 million pixel camera that is hoisted to the inspection shaft by a long pole for video recording.

In addition to the above 3 kinds of "TeleEye", and a "clairaudient" equipment also involved, it is sonar detecting instrument. The sonar equipment is used to detect the water passing in the pipeline, so as to analyze whether the pipe wall is damaged or blocked.

On-site Municipal Department official said, these equipment can be individual operations, but also group combat, will be in the next period of time as the main force of the old sewage pipeline testing.

[principle] use endoscopy to make a colonoscopy for a tube"

Zhengzhou Municipal Engineering Management Division maintenance branch, said Li Tao, Zhengzhou Municipal Department of sewage pipes to maintain a length of 850 km, the operating length of service over 20 years, 129 km. The old sewage pipeline "big physical examination", using the most advanced international endoscopic detection methods, for the municipal departments to develop effective conservation and rehabilitation program to provide evidence.

Zhengzhou Municipal Engineering Department of the co organized 7 inspection teams, using electronic periscope detection, CCTV (TV) detection, sonar detection of 3 kinds of mature advanced endoscopic techniques, a comprehensive survey of old sewage pipe. Among them, 2 electronic periscope detection, CCTV (TV) detection 3, sonar detection 2, the professional staff of the allocation of a total of 33.

The test period is scheduled for two months, starting in August 6th, as of October 8th, the scope of testing concentrated in the old city. Test team will be based on the internal situation of sewage pipes, 3 methods of testing, use each other to form text, charts, audio-visual and other forms of information. [introduction] bring you 3 advanced endoscopic techniques

Well, what functions does a robot have? Introduces the electronic periscope detection. The camera with high magnification is put into the inspection well by the control lever, and the internal condition of the pipe crack and blockage can be clearly displayed. The equipment consists of searchlight, camera, controller and telescopic video imaging unit.

Sonar detection, sonar equipment through water as a medium for the pipe wall scanning, scanning results are processed by computer, draw water inside the pipeline cross-section. Sonar detection system includes underwater scanning unit, acoustic processing unit, monitor and computer. Suitable for detecting the shape and deformation range of sediments below the surface of water.

CCTV detection (TV detection), this CCTV is not CCTV, it is the abbreviation for closedcircuittele-visioninspection. Through CCTV footage in the form of the camera device in the drainage pipe, image data is transmitted to the computer, visual image display and image recording the image communication detection system at the terminal on the TV screen.

Among them, CCTV detection is the most effective detection method in the world, which can clearly reflect the slight and serious diseases of the pipe wall, which is equivalent to the close observation of the human eye. The robot CCTV equipment involved in the detection of a total of two species, one is crawling robot by wheels achieve walking in the pipe, a raft of robots, by raft equipment to achieve in the sewage pipes with water in the way.

Crawling robot

Pipeline robot is mainly used for rapid detection and diagnosis of municipal drainage pipeline. Suitable for outdoor and mobile workplace.

Pipeline periscope

Pipeline periscope products are mainly used in large containers inside the tank of municipal drainage pipeline video inspection, fast video survey.

Schroder crawling robot

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