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Hefei municipal wastewater pipeline inspection led brand - Schroder robot

source:管道无损检测国产领导品牌 丨 author:施罗德

Because the sewage pipe is relatively small, people no way in dredging and repair, a "small problem", and even to the whole road "cut", not only the high cost, but also affect public travel.

In the afternoon of December 17th, Hefei first used 5 "robots" to inspect the sewage pipes. It looks like a small remote control car with four rubber wheels, with a high-definition camera and searchlight at the rear, and a power cord attached to the tail. A few robots square, the professional inspection team composed of modernization and intelligence, to the old sick sewage pipe "colonoscopy, film.


The pipeline "sick": no need to open the road ""

In the past, the public on the road, often see a few workers, covered with mud, dredge, repair the sewage pipe network. Because the pipeline some relatively small, people had to go into the road, digging, re laying, time-consuming and high cost.

There are many advantages to replacing manual work with an intelligent system. The traditional sewage pipeline maintenance needs manual operation. For some pipes with smaller diameter, the human body can not enter, the naked eye can not see clearly the internal situation, it can not be well cleared and repaired, and the rate of rework is very high. In addition, some well below, for a long time did not open, gathered a large number of toxic gases, manual operation there is a big security risk". At the scene, the construction party responsible person told reporters that the use of "robot" after the diameter of these can be thin to 0.3 meters, the general pipeline can enter. After the robot detects the pipeline and finds out the problem, the staff can carry out the targeted pipeline restoration work.

Yesterday at 2:10 in the afternoon, in the Hefei City Temple Road, close to 5 small pet dog size, looks like a small remote control car, there are four rubber wheels, the robot is in the manhole work, testing personnel under the control of the camera, and several wheels of flexible coordination, in the sewage pipe forward, backward, turn on the display in the pipeline, clearly visible.

In a blocked pipe, the robot will clear it up in less than 5 minutes. If it is done manually, it will not be completely cleared for 2 hours.

The test: West from the foot of the big Shushan, north to Qingxi Road

This test, west of the foot of Shushan, east to the west part of the sewage pipe network pipe south to the Yangtze River Road, north to Shushan and Qingxi Road Industrial Park a total of 45 kilometers, is the Hefei Wangtang sewage treatment plant supporting sewage pipe network is an important part of the regional sewage pipe network using the limit of the majority has reached ten years above, along with the rapid development of the city, the population increased rapidly, the sewage pipe network operation load increased year by year, part of the road is overwhelmed, it is necessary to make a comprehensive "examination" of the sewage pipe network.

According to the Shushan municipal administration staff Xu Peihua introduced, this is the first attempt of this technology in Hefei. Market star, Anhui financial network reporter at the scene learned that the technology is the camera detection robot into the pipeline, the ground staff produced by the camera system of high quality clear color images, the disease in the pipe to understand and grasp the detection system used by the system is currently the most advanced Chinese characters display, can automatically generate test report, the day when the sunrise detection results, test results directly in the Hefei city drainage Information Center, can be shared at any time. At present, the testing project is under way and is scheduled to be completed before New Year's day.

It is reported that the "pipeline robot" will be the repair of local diseases pipeline. For example, the pipe rupture Water Leakage, first special repair materials to the pipeline breakage, under video surveillance, the repair is the expansion of the air, and the tube wall is attached, and then curing the pipeline after the repair is more durable than the original pipeline, corrosion resistance is strong.

In addition, the robot can also "physical examination" good pipeline, give the overall "physical examination report", for the next step of pipeline maintenance provide detailed information.

Crawling robot

Pipeline robot is mainly used for rapid detection and diagnosis of municipal drainage pipeline. Suitable for outdoor and mobile workplace.

Pipeline periscope

Pipeline periscope products are mainly used in large containers inside the tank of municipal drainage pipeline video inspection, fast video survey.

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