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We share the blessed reunion, longevity

source:管道无损检测国产领导品牌 丨 author:施罗德


   As well as the years bring is you the glory of the youth, the life is like a song from your healthy smile, such as the bright given you romantic feelings, such as day bright keep you forever happy! Happy birthday to Schroder group home people!   


To promote the company culture, so that the majority of employees in the busy work, Schroder felt the warmth of the family and colleagues for their care, company will held a collective birthday party for all employees in each quarter, each department of longevity they gathered together, we feel happy, happiness around them.


               寿星们入场                                                    签写心愿单

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Intimate interaction

   The birthday party, we have carefully prepared for each birthday intimate gift.


    At 5 o'clock in the afternoon, "Happy Birthday to you!"......" This song familiar melody sounded, the lights go out, we will link the finale of the birthday of the grand debut, look! We pushed Zhu lit birthday cake, along with the familiar music coming, then all together with Zhu Shouxing cut the birthday cake, you close your eyes, sing the birthday song together, made a beautiful birthday wishes.


The song again, and the pieces, greeting and best wishes for all the people already into Schroder heart lake, may the oldest people on the upgrade, in business and in life forever young, healthy and happy.

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