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To realize standardization system construction, Schroder is imperative

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    Standardized management system is a complete system of modern enterprise management. It is the basis for enterprises to enter the track of sound development, and also the guarantee for enterprises to achieve the best order and the greatest economic benefits.


On the afternoon of April 20th, the training of Schroder standardization system will be held on the 8 floor, 5 floor multi-functional conference hall as scheduled, and this training will be conducted by our Deputy Managing Director, Mr. Zhu Jianping. The department heads and related personnel attended the training.


At the meeting, Zhu Zong first, why should carry out standardization construction, the necessity of standardization construction for all detail, Schroder is a rising stage of the enterprise, with the expansion of the company, the company in the past construction process is not standardized, not comprehensive, for construction and operation of enterprises, enhance the future bring a lot of problems, so it is imperative that we carry out standardization work.


    Subsequently, Zhu Zong further to introduce the standard and standardization of the definition, development and existence, enterprises should strengthen the standardization construction, product standards and management standards is the key, from the outline of the system to the approval issued, we need to constantly improve step by step. Finally, Zhu also our standardization system construction work schedule for everyone to do a share, and hope that all departments actively cooperate to jointly promote the construction of enterprise benefit by mutual discussion, rapid implementation of standardization system.


The training will be held, let us on the standardization of enterprise with a new understanding, enterprise development has a close relationship with the full implementation of the standardization system construction, we must work together for the construction of standardized system of Schroder landing efforts.

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