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  • 2017 08-18
    CCTV interview! Future city -- urban underground integrated corridor -- USR shuttle robot application

    "Artificial intelligence" has become the most hot words in the circle of science and technology this year, and this year was first written into the 《government work report》, is the most impressive last year so we go man-machine war, AIphaGo with 60 game sweep to humans, the darling of the attitude in front of me. This is not cited

  • 2017 08-18
    Periscope image pipeline do gastroscope detection pipeline examination acceptance report!

    Black and foul river, black and foul in the river, the problem is on the shore, the core is in the pipe network. Therefore, to completely solve the problem of black and foul, we must improve the construction and management of sewage pipe network. Recently, in order to find out the network through some engineering use, the pipeline robot to help. "Turn around, turn to the direction of view, recorded W2-9, W2-10 pipes have oil pollution."......" city

  • 2017 08-18
    Drainage pipeline inspection robot CCTV detection equipment first choice Shenzhen Schroder

    CCTV drainage pipeline inspection robot testing equipment preferred Shenzhen Schroder, careful research, attentive service, good signal, detection performance and stability is a prerequisite for pipeline repair and reasonable maintenance, the aim is to understand the internal situation of pipeline. According to the internal condition of the pipeline, it is possible to confirm whether the pipeline needs to be repaired and repaired, and what construction methods should be adopted so as to formulate a maintenance plan scientifically. Yes

  • 2017 08-18
    Zhongshan Guoyou important leadership study innovation - substation inspection robot

    Zhongshan Guoyou leading to our investigation project in November 22, 2016, Zhongshan won an important leadership to visit our company. Our general manager Song Youju and the manager of the marketing department, sales department responsible person in the company meeting room on the third floor, and they conducted in-depth exchanges and communication, the purpose of their visit is to inspect the company's latest innovations, substation inspection machine

  • 2017 08-18
    Pipeline plugging air bag-Pipeline repair airbag

    The pipeline repair gasbag can be used to repair the pipe defects in the municipal pipeline near the entrance of the manhole, and can also be used for the repair process of other pipelines. The airbag can be used in the repair of cracks, leaks, joints, or plugging of misplaced, rooted, corroded pipes. Usually between 50mm and 800, municipal sewage pipes can be repaired with this technique. repair

  • 2017 08-18
    Shandong government and business leaders visited Schroder to investigate pipeline robot

    In April 18, 2017, Shandong Province, Linyi City Construction Bureau, Tianyuan group leader to visit Shenzhen city Schroder industrial control equipment Co., Ltd. to visit the "excellent" project, Schroder Group Chairman Mr. Song Youju personally met and accompanied.

  • 2017 08-18
    Robot era! CSITF2017 Schroder lighting Shanghai Expo Hall

    Robot era! CSITF2017, Schroder lit the Shanghai Expo Hall on April 20, 2017 -22, the fifth session of the fair held in Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall, Shenzhen city Schroder industrial control equipment Co., Ltd. - Articles selling a full range of SINGA pipeline crawler, new wireless products such as its periscope on the Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall 1C

  • 2017 08-18
    Pipeline dredging and dredging robot

    SINGA 1200 - SINGA 1200 mining pipeline repair robot is widely used in construction engineering, tunnel engineering, fire rescue and post disaster emergency repair after the earthquake rescue, EOD, nuclear accident emergency rescue. The robot can work reliably under the high temperature, high dust and radioactive environment. It has small size, large power and many machines. It can be equipped with hydraulic impact

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