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  • SINGA100 pipe robot Singa 100 is a micro crawling robot system with a compact body, suitable for pipes with a diameter of 100-600mm, and is the smallest pipeline robot in china. Has the advantages of small size, flexible movement, crawl speed adjustable features are widely u
  • SINGA200 Pipe robot SINGA200, CCTV, crawler robot, pipeline inspection robot, pipeline robot, pipeline crawler, underground pipeline inspection
  • SINGA300 Pipe robot Singa 300 is a multi pipeline inspection robot system function, the system is powerful, 3D laser can be equipped with independent research and development of pipeline deformation detection; analysis of silt deposition tube bottom 3D sonar system or mechan
  • SINGA350 Scientific environment robot SINGA environmental protection robot, is based on the SINGA100 or 300 car body, equipped with sediment sampling manipulator converted into. Customers can control software to control the mechanical arm mud and sewage in the pipe for sample collection, anal
  • SINGA600 Caterpillar robot A series of crawler crawling robot detection system is based on Intelligent crawler movement mechanism as a platform, equipped with industrial grade high resolution color camera motion detection unit, intelligent control unit and image recording processin
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