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  • Pipe robot Singa
    Pipeline robot is a kind of internal or external automatic walking along the small pipe, carrying one or more sensors and operating machinery, automatic control or remote operation of computer staff, integrated system of machine, electric and instrument to carry out a series of pipeline operation.
  • The utility model is used for the video inspection of a large container tank, the rapid video survey of the municipal drainage pipeline, the inner space condition of the tunnel culvert, the video detection, and the video examination of the inside of the tank car.
  • Pipeline endoscope can be used for high temperature, toxic, nuclear radiation and the human eye can not directly observe the place of inspection and observation, mainly used in automobile, aircraft engines, piping, mechanical parts, can be in does not need to remove or destroy the assembly and equipment to stop running under the condition of nondestructive testing, and also can be used for ventilation pipeline, the air conditioning pipe, water pipe, internal pipeline corrosion, weld seam, industrial plug, difference, etc. foreign video detection.
  • The application of the core technology of special robot + big data based on the target of relying on the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huazhong Science and Technology Research Institute, Harbin Institute of Technology Research Institute, Chongqing Institute of transportation research and dozens of research institutions, scientific research cooperation, in 2013, Shenzhen Schroder "robot cluster control platform is the core components of" successful development, formally proposed the establishment of "track shuttle robot cluster management system".
  • Sonar detection Sonardetection
    Sonar pipeline detection system is mainly used in municipal drainage pipeline internal detection and diagnosis, the device is equipped with ring scan sonar sensor receiver can be obtained at any point relative to the 3D coordinates of a pipeline storage using sonar echo signal. The pipeline at any cross section position to know the profile of pipeline.
  • Pipeline repair Pipelinerepair
    Robot system is a kind of intelligent pipeline repairing equipment. It is a kind of pipeline repair system which can be used in a variety of harsh environments. Widely used in construction engineering, tunnel engineering, fire rescue and post disaster emergency repair after the earthquake rescue, EOD, nuclear accident emergency rescue.
  • Pipe assist Pipelineauxiliary
    The classification of features: a full range of video detection: crawler mounted high resolution color camera, the camera can be 360 degree observation, focus, 100 times zoom system, equipped with auxiliary lighting system (1090 camera zoom zoom). Automatic tilt angle detection system: camera assistance system, automatic detection of tilt angle, correction accuracy.
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