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  • SINGA SMART-3D Laser Scanner With the increase of service life of underground pipeline, apart from the serious damage such as fracture and root invasion, there will be a failure form of pipeline deformation, bottom hard sediment drilling and so on, which results in serious shrinkage
  • PLUE 1000 High pressure cleaning nozzle for pipeline High pressure nozzle is a powerful tool for pipe cleaning and dredging, which can effectively solve the problem of deposition and blockage of sewer. Blue series nozzle combines precision machinery research on Germany research material 35 years, mainly usi
  • VAPO-U Pipeline repair airbag U series pipe sealing air bag is a kind of pipe cut-off equipment with good anti expansion strength and good elasticity and flexibility. Used for the closure of drains and canals, mainly used in water supply and drainage, civil engineering and fire rescue
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