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Hardware Engineer (hardware)

(一) Monthly salary

Salary negotiable.

二) Job content

1. Responsible for hardware requirement analysis and specification;

2. Responsible for schematic drawing, PCB, LAYOUTT and debugging;

3. Responsible for new product development, upgrade and maintenance of old products;

4. Complete the writing and compiling of related technical documents.

三) job requirements

1 、 Bachelor degree or above, major in electronic engineering or related;

2 、 English level four or above, more than 2-3 years' experience in R & D of electronic products;

3 、 familiar with embedded circuit development and PCB LAYOUT requirements,

4 、 have video communication, online communication, drive control system related work experience is preferred;

5 、 skilled use of Pads, Altium and other office software;

6 、 good team work spirit, good communication skills, high enthusiasm, self-confidence and sense of responsibility.

   (四)Fringe benefits

1, salary negotiable, basic salary + bonus;

2, the company, small work, work time of 8:30-18:00, noon break 2 hours;

3, the entry is to buy five social insurance and one housing fund;

4, employees monthly birthday, paid annual leave, during the new year, out of salary, annual leave subsidies;

5, the company offers free lunch at noon.

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