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  • 2017 08-18
    Schroder industry - a survey of the construction of urban underground pipe corridor in china!

    Trillion level construction of the underground pipe gallery began to enter the period of the outbreak of the Ministry of housing and urban development (hereinafter referred to as the "Ministry of housing") statistics show that as of the end of 2016, 147 City 28 counties has a total construction of city underground pipe gallery 2005 kilometers. MCC relevant person in charge told the first financial reporter, urban underground pipe gallery development and construction in conjunction with PP

  • 2017 08-18
    Can the gas, rain and sewage pipelines be integrated into the underground comprehensive corridor? What are the conditions to enter the corridor?

    The gas pipeline into the gas pipeline corridor dispute into the most important question to consider is the comprehensive pipe gallery against gas pipeline safety issues; integrated into the gallery of the people to the security problem and the problem of investment by hindering the gas pipeline into the comprehensive pipe gallery; gas pipeline into the integrated pipe gallery requires a complete set of monitoring facilities, alarm facilities ventilation facilities, special lighting, anti-static

  • 2017 08-18
    The construction of the "Tera grade corridor" has entered a period of explosion, and the investment in the new district is enormous

    Ministry of housing and urban rural development (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of housing) statistics show that, as of the end of 2016, 147 cities nationwide, 28 counties have started construction of urban underground integrated pipe corridor 2005 kilometers. The forecast data published Lange Steel Research Center the day before the show, the Ministry of housing in 2017, the new plan will start more than 2000 kilometers of underground pipe gallery. matter

  • 2017 08-18
    China's first shield excavation, underground pipe gallery, South Canal, underground comprehensive pipe gallery in full swing

    Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network (reporter Wang Xiaoting) the day before, underground pipe gallery south canal comprehensive project to shield mining. This is the first tunnel excavation in the country. After completion, six pipelines, including water, electricity, heat, gas, water and communication, will be unified". The project is scheduled for completion in June next year. The six major pipelines were moved into the South Corridor

  • 2017 08-18
    Comprehensive analysis of urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery (2)

    The construction methods of Comprehensive Pipe Gallery: 1 、 open cut method cast-in-place method: under the retaining structure of retaining structure, the excavation of underground foundation pit is carried out on the ground surface, and the construction method of internal structure is carried out in the foundation pit. The utility model has the advantages of simple, convenient construction and low engineering cost, and is suitable for the pipe network construction of a newly-built city. 2, the open cut prefabricated assembly method: is a more advanced construction methods, requiring more

  • 2017 08-18
    Comprehensive analysis of urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery (1)

    Integrated pipe gallery: also known as common ditch, it is the implementation of unified planning, design, construction and maintenance, built in the city underground, used for laying public utilities pipelines. First, the city underground integrated pipe gallery type is introduced according to the pipeline which is contained in it: 1. The trunk pipeline corridor is generally arranged below the middle of the road or the red line of the road, and the main pipeline is transported mainly in the comprehensive pipe corridor (such as unsolicited)

  • 2017 08-18
    The maintenance worker was trapped in the pipe for nearly 20 minutes during construction

    The maintenance work in pipeline construction fire trapped nearly 20 minutes at 2:46 in the afternoon, Fangshan District Chengguan Street mill family area 11 building, underground pipeline construction fire, a 49 year old pipeline construction workers were trapped for nearly 20 minutes after firefighters rescued, at present there is no danger. "Fire, someone is trapped in the pipe."." 2:46 in the afternoon, North

  • 2017 08-18
    Advanced technology and development trend of underground pipeline inspection

    Advanced technology and development trend of underground pipeline detection (two) drainage pipeline inspection advanced technology of developed countries attach great importance to the research and development of drainage pipeline detection technology, detection technology such as the United States, Germany, the latest application of electronic sensing the modernization, improve the reliability and automation of pipeline detection. Through the accurate pipeline inspection, the pipeline condition is evaluated and worked out

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