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  • 2017 08-18
    Excellent underground integrated corridor products, equipment and service provider Schroder

    Schroder is committed to build "special intelligent robot + big data" as the platform of the core technology applications, including pipeline product applications, logistics, transportation, robotics, cloud platform construction, robotics core technology.

  • 2017 08-18
    Environmental protection experts: Governance Hebei sewage pit price 200 million video detector power

    Environmental protection expert: Governance Hebei 170 thousand square meters of sewage pit at least 200 million yuan, the video detector to help domestic NDT industry great development.

  • 2017 08-18
    A brief list of the latest information on urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery

    Xinjiang District of Akesu city's first comprehensive pipe gallery - approved Jiangnan Avenue underground pipe gallery in Akesu City: the project investment budget of 368 million 400 thousand yuan, the preparatory work has been completed, is scheduled to start in June divided lane construction, will take the road to alternate construction. Sichuan province built underground pipe gallery 38.8 kilometers: since 2014, Chengdu, since

  • 2017 08-18
    The configuration and installation scheme of power supply system in urban underground corridor are illustrated with examples

    Chengdu Tianfu new prosperous 86 Road Comprehensive Pipe Gallery Project in Chengdu Tianfu new prosperous 86 Road Comprehensive Pipe Gallery Project, by the Southwest Municipal Institute of independent design, pipe length is about 4400 meters, composed of rain water tank, power module, telecommunications module and natural gas tank four tank, pipe rack into rainwater, sewage, 10kV electric power, communication, water, water, water and natural gas city project

  • 2017 08-18
    What are the main performance parameters of an electronic endoscope?

    Electronic endoscope and endoscope. The main performance parameters of working length: the different uses of the endoscope product, the working length is not the same, under normal circumstances:①Length of laryngoscope≥180mm;②Operating length of sinus endoscope≥175mm;Mirror diameter: endoscope products for different uses (adults and children), and their outer diameters are not the same, usually:①External diameter of laryngoscope

  • 2017 08-18
    How much is the industrial endoscope inspection instrument?

    In our life, there are many products processing enterprises are generally used to check the quality of the products at present, industrial endoscope is widely used, many kinds of endoscope mirror, different kinds of endoscope for different price will be different. I long tube is an ideal model for long distance inspection of industrial video endoscopes. It can be used in heat exchangers, boiler tubes and condensation

  • 2017 08-18
    Underground heating pipe leakage detection method

    There are many methods for pipeline Water Leakage detection, such as audio and listen to the law, the region to install table method and gas detection method, but the heat pipe Water Leakage has its particularity, for residential property using temperature measurement method of heating pipeline detection is a kind of money and effort to Water Leakage. The comparison of different water leakage methods, with the increasing demand for residential environment, the technology of direct buried pipeline is mature, more and more

  • 2017 08-18
    All the contents of municipal engineering completion acceptance data archiving, finally ended up!

    The importance of a data collecting and filing 1, municipal engineering construction technology, construction units in the construction process is in accordance with the relevant provisions of the written records, drawings, tables, such as audio and video should be archived data, it is necessary to use the evaluation of engineering quality, but also on the project completion, inspection, maintenance and management use, renovation and expansion of the basis. Therefore, workers

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