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High pressure grouting construction method for seepage prevention of underground pipe gallery

source:Pipeline nondestructive testin 丨 author:Schroder


Determination of waterproof plugging scheme

Must conduct on-site investigation before plugging, to find out the site construction conditions, analysis of the causes of seepage Water Leakage, identify Water Leakage parts, crack, crack or perforation of the width, length, depth and penetration, and to understand the situation Water Leakage sunny and rainy days, the Water Leakage measurement of flow and velocity and so on, through the full investigation, plugging scheme is correct to do the preparatory work.


Material performance characteristics

Oily polyurethane grouting materials and water reaction, because the water in the reaction, the slurry can not be diluted with water washed away, this is the advantage that other filling materials do not possess the slurry under pressure, pouring concrete cracks or holes, at the same time to penetrate the gap around, continue to penetrate into the concrete cracks, and ultimately the formation of network structure, a density a small, elastic body water, has a good ability to adapt to change, good waterproof.


Design and layout of grout holes

The grouting hole hole perforation and inclined hole two forms to choose according to the actual situation and needs, and both when necessary.

(1) the design of grouting hole: the location of grouting hole should make the hole intersect with the water leakage, cracks and voids, and select the maximum water leakage.

(2) hole principle: the position and number of grouting holes, need reasonable arrangement according to different Water Leakage, Water Leakage to export for the purpose of the focus at Water Leakage cloth hole, crack, water flow, hole distance, small hole distance and small gap.


Visual construction condition of drilling

Manual and mechanical methods are employed,Manual punching and mechanical drilling are usually used.


Check grouting equipment and piping operation

Check the strength of the consolidated nozzle, dredge the cracks, and further set up the grouting parameters (such as gel time, grouting pressure and slurry content, etc.).



Grouting is the central part of the whole chemical grouting, which must be carried out after all the preparations have been completed. Before the grouting, there is an organized division of labor, fixed posts, in particular the need for full-time skilled personnel to operate.

(1) check the whole system before grouting, grouting in the condition that the grouting machine is running normally and the pipeline is unblocked.

(2) for vertical joints generally from bottom to top grouting, horizontal seam from one end to the other end or from the two sides to the middle grouting; for centralized water leakage, the water leakage should be the largest hole grouting.


End grouting

In the case of relatively stable pressure, and then continue to take 1-2 minutes, can end the grouting, remove the pipeline, ready to clean.



After checking, no leakage, remove the grouting head, and use cement mortar and other materials to wipe out the hole.


Matters needing attention

(1) the conveying pipe must have enough strength and convenient assembly and disassembly.

(2) all operators must wear necessary labor protection articles.

(3) when grouting, the operator shall pay attention to the amount of grout and observe the change of pressure at the same time. A sudden increase in general pressure may result from grout solidification, blockage of the pipe or gradual settlement of grout due to grout, and grouting shall be stopped immediately. The pressure rises steadily but remains within a certain pressure and is normal at this time. Sometimes the pressure drop, which may be due to the pore open and poured into the deep slurry settlement caused by the sustainable grouting. As a large amount of slurry enters the gap, the pressure will gradually rise and stabilize. Another reason for the decrease in pressure is due to sealing or pipe joint leakage, and grouting shall be stopped in time. Sometimes due to the pump pressure, the hydraulic slurry into the settlement joint inside, so that a large number of liquid loss, then can adjust the slurry consolidation time method to shorten the setting time or by intermittent grouting to reduce the loss of the slurry.

(4) the equipment, piping and bucket used for grouting shall be marked separately.

(5) cement, water glass and other fast stoppage materials should be prepared before grouting so as to deal with slurry leakage.

(6) after each grouting, all the equipment and piping must be cleaned in time. After grouting, 1:2 cement mortar shall be used to seal the grouting hole.

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