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Schroder industry - a survey of the construction of urban underground pipe corridor in china!

source: Pipeline nondestructive testi 丨 author:Schroder

The construction of one hundred thousand underground corridor began to break out

The Ministry of housing and urban rural development (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of housing) statistics show that, as of the end of 2016, 147 cities nationwide, 28 counties have started construction of urban underground integrated pipe corridor 2005 kilometers.

MCC relevant responsible person told the first financial reporter, urban underground integrated corridor development and construction, in conjunction with the PPP (government and social capital cooperation) and other mainstream business model, showing"Huge investment, high cost, long payback period and long design life”And so on, to a great extent, affect the determination and overall follow-up of local governments.

Lange Steel Research Center Director Wang Guoqing also to the first financial reporter said, because the city underground pipeline variety, and involves many pipeline units, their demands are different, so How to coordinate the demands and interests of the pipeline units in the process of promotion is not difficult.

However, in the financing model innovation, construction costs gradually decline, and the State Council continues to push forward, the construction of underground pipe corridor is expected to enter the "fast lane"". Among them, the southwest and northeast, the newly established xiongan district will become the underground pipe gallery construction intensive areas.

Male security corridor investment or hundreds of billions of

The underground comprehensive corridor is called the urban underground pipeline complex, which is called the "blood vessel" and "nerve" of the city. It takes on the function of conveying medium, energy and transmitting information. It is the lifeline of the city".

Following the request of the State Council in 2013 for the construction of underground comprehensive pipe corridor, the Ministry of housing construction in October 2014 proposed that the pilot project of underground comprehensive pipe corridor should be started in about 3 years or so in 36 large and medium cities. In 2015, the general office of the State Council issued the guiding opinions on promoting the construction of comprehensive underground pipe corridors in urban areas. In 2016, the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council issued the opinions on Further Strengthening the administration of urban planning and construction (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), further promoting the construction of underground comprehensive pipe corridors.

To continue to promote the State Council, the local city began to attach great importance to the underground pipe network and other infrastructure construction, emphasizing the underground pipe network and other infrastructure is the city's "lining", we need to fill the city underground pipe network and other infrastructure "short board". At present, many provinces and municipalities have taken the initiative to introduce relevant planning, the construction of underground comprehensive pipe corridor is accelerating.

According to the first financial reporter statistics,China's northeast and southwest regions will become dense area underground pipe gallery construction, the new construction area two underground pipe gallery construction projects accounted for 34.8% of the total national new construction.Another area that should not be overlooked is the newly established new security zone, which has just been established for a month.

Northeast Securities believes that compared to other cities, the new security zone from scratch, there is no historical burden, laying underground pipe gallery costs less, less resistance. Xiongan three counties around Baiyangdian, the regional water resources rich, itself has a greater demand for underground pipe gallery; in addition, as the millennium development, xiongan will build a new city green wisdom, beautiful ecology, high-end industry, service quality, convenient traffic, sex is determined to carry out the construction of the underground pipe gallery has a very high.Northeast Securities estimates, the New District of new forward underground corridor investment even up to one hundred billion.

How to solve the "75.41 km" embarrassment?

As a project sustained by the State Council, the construction of underground integrated corridor is not very difficult.

According to the Ministry of housing in 2014 of the request, City District, parks, area development area or new roads to underground pipe gallery construction, the old city should be combined with the subway construction, river, road renovation, renovation, renovation of shanty towns, gradually promote the construction of underground pipe gallery.

However, the construction progress of underground comprehensive pipe corridor is slow and the effect is not remarkable. Statistics from Lange Steel Research Center show,By the end of 2016, the total length of urban underground integrated corridor was only 75.41 km.

In the actual planning and construction, the city more than 10 kinds of pipeline, pipeline to more than 20 units, each department acting on its own, how to build? How to manage? Related enterprises, or from security, technical considerations, or from the interests of the enterprise, have different demands.

However, Wang Guoqing told the first financial reporter: "this underground network involving multiple units in charge of municipal engineering, the government should promote the overall can be effective, so in the guidance of the State Council after the release, the effect gradually appear, around the underground pipeline construction showed better growth."

Huge construction investment and high operation and management costs are also the main factors restricting the development of integrated corridor.

Compared with the traditional pipeline laying method, the one-time construction cost of the underground comprehensive pipe gallery is nearly twice as high as that of the traditional direct buried construction. According to the Ministry of housing estimates, the service life of 50 years and 100 years of underground integrated corridor, the cost of construction and construction costs per kilometer were 160 million yuan and 200 million yuan.

The underground pipe gallery of huge investment, high cost and long payback period and high design life Xu, a considerable part of the local government for the overall financial problems, contradictions in the development and construction on the show "to" and "no" and tangled mind.

The construction of a few years ago banks are generally in the traditional forms of credit to support the underground pipe gallery project. However, the relevant responsible person said, because the pipe gallery project investment, long payback period, the rate of return is not high, so the bank's credit system is relatively neglected.

In the construction of the integrated pipe gallery division general manager, the Ministry of finance expert Song Zhihong said PPP warehousing,Even though PPP is in full swing, the financial institutions are very cautious. The main financing services are policy banks, such as the State Development Bank and the Agricultural Development Bank of China.In the last two years, the PPP model has brought new changes to the management style after the introduction of the comprehensive pipe corridor construction project.

Carrying out the construction and operation of underground comprehensive pipe corridor by PPP mode will become an important way and source to solve the long-term investment in underground comprehensive pipe corridor construction. According to estimates, in 2016, the number of PPP projects and landing rate continued to rise. Among them, the investment volume of Guizhou, Shandong, Sichuan and Hebei provinces accounted for 92 billion 400 million yuan, accounting for about 2.2% of the total investment of PPP projects in the four provinces and four provinces.

PPP is a major force point, but from the landing situation, PPP investment in the construction of the pipe Corridor project is not high. Experts said, or to the innovative business model can consider investment loan linkage or the asset securitization and other ways to broaden the financing channels.

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