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City underground integrated pipe gallery - alerts already known

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Comprehensive pipe gallery alerts already known

Anhui Hefei new station High-tech Zone comprehensive corridor PPP project has completed social capital procurement, is about to sign the relevant agreements. This project is the first PPP project of new high tech zone.


In order to change the mode of investment and improve the efficiency of investment, the new high-tech zone of the new station, guided by the five major development concepts, decided to adopt the government and social capital cooperation (PPP) model to implement the project. In accordance with the PPP related operational requirements, the new high-tech zone carefully organized and solid progress. Set up a new high-tech zone, integrated corridor, PPP project leading group, clear the responsibilities of each unit, and strengthen co-ordination work. At the same time, the selection of professional institutions to prepare project implementation plan, according to municipal units and industry experts to improve the implementation of the program and reported to the municipal government for approval. To earnestly carry out the value evaluation and financial capacity proof, build the model for index calculation, experts predict a comprehensive demonstration at the same time the, also by public bidding according to the purchase of social capital, to ensure the procurement process compliance.

Comprehensive pipe gallery in Jiangsu province Monitoring Engineering Research Center was established in Suzhou; the project time span of three years, the platform construction total investment of up to 30 million yuan, the project is China's first provincial-level comprehensive pipe gallery monitoring engineering technology research center, marking the Jiangsu Province comprehensive pipe gallery intelligent research and application in the forefront of the country.

Sichuan Province, Chengdu high tech Zone three underground pipe gallery opened the end of the month; three pipe gallery project will soon start building a total length of 4.65 kilometers, construction investment amounted to 340 million yuan, all government investment projects, by the Chengdu high investment group organization construction. The old Renlu (Tianfu Avenue South extension line - star) the construction of 1.88 kilometers in length, section two cabin, including planning pipeline water distribution, electricity, communications, gas; Zhong Sheng Lu (new idea road - sung freeway construction) 0.97 kilometers in length, section 3 cabin, including rainwater and sewage pipe line planning, electricity, telecommunications, water and gas. (consulate and Avenue Road - new idea road construction) 1.8 kilometers in length, section 3: water supply pipeline planning module, 10KV, communication, electric power, gas, sewage.


The comprehensive pipe corridor construction adopts EPC mode, which enables the contractor to participate in the whole project construction. This can greatly reduce the unit coordination and bidding process repeated, can make the whole project construction cycle becomes shorter." In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, the planning and Construction Bureau of the hi tech Zone has already made all previous preparations. Expected, 3 comprehensive pipe gallery at the end of December 2017 the new will be fully completed and put into trial operation in January 2018.

Shanghai Songjiang Metro Metro Integrated Corridor project started. It is understood that the project will mainly involve flag Pavilion Road, white grain road and jade Yang Road three streets, the total length of 7.4 kilometers. The main project of the pipe corridor is expected to be completed next year, and the pipeline entrance corridor and trial operation will be implemented in 2018.

Comprehensive pipe gallery Zhongxing Road construction unit Huainan PPP project is a major project in Huainan City Bureau of construction management, construction units for Chinese Metallurgical Group company. Project period of two years, with a total investment of about 1 billion 170 million yuan.


Hubei City, Xiangyang city's first comprehensive underground pipe corridor in the eastern Tianjin New District construction, is expected to span 2 years, the design life of 100 years. The comprehensive pipe gallery is 3573 meters long and is laid in a straight line along the middle part of the road. A control center and a sewage pumping station are set up along the road.

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