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  • 2017 08-18
    Four kinds of hidden danger of sewage pipe blockage, dredge pipeline construction method

    Sewer blockages are a common problem in our lives, and finding the cause of sewer blockages is a great help in solving sewer blockages. Schroder pipe robot, according to many years of dredging experience, pointed out that: leading to sewer congestion, mainly for the following reasons. First, the pipeline collapse, pipe dislocation: This congestion generally occurs in the ground floor and outdoor sewers. No good

  • 2017 08-18
    How should the traditional enterprises cope with the robot era?

    By 2019, 30% of the business service robot applications will be presented in the "robot as a service" business model to reduce the cost of deploying robots. Robot as a service is a relatively new concept, a cloud computing unit that connects robots and embedded devices to the cloud computing environment." IDC expects logistics, medical and public affairs by 2019

  • 2017 08-18
    Summarizing and analyzing the development experience of underground comprehensive pipe gallery in cities outside the country (territory)

    Globally, the underground pipe corridor has a history of more than 100 years. In 1832, the world's first underground pipeline integrated corridor system was built in France, which included tap water, telecommunication cables, compressed air pipes and traffic signal cables and pipelines. Then, Britain, Germany, Japan, Russia, Spain, the United States, Taiwan and other places to establish a

  • 2017 08-18
    The contents, processes, methods, measures and responsibilities of daily operation and maintenance of underground comprehensive corridor

    First, the management system, in order to ensure the management of the comprehensive corridor, efficient and standardized, has formulated a series of comprehensive management system of corridor maintenance, and formed a complete and effective management system of the integrated corridor. The system mainly includes the daily maintenance, duty, security check, file information, safety management system of the comprehensive pipe corridor. The contents, processes and measures of the maintenance and management of the comprehensive pipe corridor

  • 2017 08-18
    Inventory of water treatment industry in 2016 the most hot words, sewage field prospects

    2016, the environmental protection industry ushered in the rapid development of the year, all kinds of favorable policies have been introduced, many environmental protection enterprises in succession "cross-border" to create environmental integrated service providers, mergers and acquisitions among enterprises are also frequent, and so on.

  • 2017 08-18
    New policies of urban comprehensive corridor in 2016

    Comprehensive pipe gallery 2016 city new policy the city comprehensive pipe gallery construction has entered the stage like a raging fire, on the occasion of the Spring Festival, today Xiaobian specially for everyone in the city on 2016 comprehensive pipe gallery of the new policy market, also in advance I wish you a happy new year!!! In January 22, 2016, the Ministry of housing and Urban Rural Construction issued the national building standards for the urban comprehensive corridor

  • 2017 08-18
    High pressure grouting construction method for seepage prevention of underground pipe gallery

    1 determine the plan must be carried out before the waterproof plugging site investigation, find out the site construction conditions, analysis of the causes of seepage Water Leakage, identify Water Leakage parts, crack, crack or perforation of the width, length, depth and penetration, and to understand the situation Water Leakage sunny and rainy days, the Water Leakage measurement of flow and velocity and so on, through the full investigation, plugging correct plan to do the preparatory work.

  • 2017 08-18
    Pipeline inspection robot to help upgrade the old city network

    ▲The staff demonstrated that robot technology, lifestyle changes and technological advances also brought about rapid changes in urban management. Jiangbei District Huang Hua Branch demonstration model worker innovative studio staff are skilled in operating a length of about 60 cm, 30 cm wide, open LED lights red crawling robot, 90 degree turn in the simulated pipeline. this

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