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Smart city drainage operations strategic partner

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Make the city operation index system combined with city planning objectives, to maximize the development, integration, integration and use of various resources in the city, to break the information sector privatization, the government departments to eliminate barriers to information, the use of networking, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other information technology, the city data collection, management, sharing, exchange, mining so, to achieve the comprehensive application of various industries, support the city planning prediction and analysis of emergency command and decision-making, to provide diversified services for enterprises and institutions, the city people, and ultimately achieve the whole city overall planning, public facilities to enhance the level of city, enhance service ability, stimulate the vitality of city information industry. Through this business platform, in all aspects of life demand for tangible benefits and convenience.

Product value

"More thorough perception and measurement": integrating the information resources of the whole city, carrying out unified management and rapid updating, and mastering all kinds of events and changes in the city in a timely manner;

"More comprehensive interoperability": from a global point of view, to promote the coordination of government departments;

More intelligent insight: transform from raw data to available information, and then analyze, mine, develop features, applications and support decisions;

"Better services": providing services that meet the needs of government departments and the public, and manage the services of the city in a unified way;

"More accurate forecasting and decision-making": through the perfect information resources and accurate prediction model and mechanism, to help the government to predict the city events accurately, efficient management, rapid decision-making, emergency response, etc..

Schroder provides you with urban drainage network operation and management of the whole industry chain

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