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 Shenzhen Schroder industrial measuring and controlling equipment Co., Ltd.Is an international high-tech enterprises. In recent years, it has set up R & D and maintenance centers in North America and Europe, and has set up branch offices and technical service centers in Chongqing, Hangzhou and Shanghai provinces.


Schroder is committed to build "special intelligent robot + big data" as the platform of the core technology applications, including pipeline product applications, logistics, transportation, robotics, cloud platform construction, robotics core technology. Through several years of technology, precipitation and team building, in the product line, technology accumulation, sales and other dimensions of the overall upgrade, two, 14 years, has become the industry's leading enterprises.


    Company from its inception, has determined "to create a target to achieve the ideal of life platform" for all Schroder, attracting a large number of outstanding talents to join, and successively and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huazhong Science and Technology Research Institute, Harbin Institute of Technology Research Institute, Chongqing Institute of transportation research and dozens of research institutions to establish a close cooperative relationship. To become an industry standard of enterprises laid a solid foundation. According to the two year 16 enterprise strategic planning, we will achieve the goal of listing in two years, to achieve the next leap forward development of Schroder.


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